10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds (with Pictures)

10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds (with Pictures)

June 03, 2022


Dogs are considered by many to be best friends, companions, and partners. The bond between canine and human runs deep, and it’s a special relationship you share with your dog. If you’re the affectionate type, then you like to show your dog how you feel by bestowing all of your affection upon it, hoping that your dog will return the same.
Not all breeds are affectionate, though. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you. A dog can be extremely loyal and love you deeply without being overly affectionate, just like people can. But the following 10 breeds are known for displaying their affection, so if you know you’re a highly affectionate person, these breeds might be a good fit for you.

The 10 Highly Affectionate Dog Breeds :

If you’re looking for the most affectionate pooches on the planet, you’ll find them on this list. These 10 breeds are renowned for being affectionate with their family. Ranging from tiny toy breeds to big giants, these dogs are a diverse bunch. No matter your preferences, if you want an affectionate canine, you’ll find a great candidate for companionship in one of the following breeds.

1. Golden Retrievers


Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds around, and part of the reason for this is the affectionate personality common to the breed. They’re known for being loving and loyal, but they’re also very smart dogs, making them quite easy to train. Great with kids and calm in demeanor, Golden Retrievers are commonly used for service work because of their many great qualities.


2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi



Many small house dogs act like they’ve got something to prove, with aggressive attitudes and ankle-biting annoying antics, breeds like Chihuahuas can be just as awful as they are adorable. But the Pembroke Welsh Corgi isn’t hiding any inner demons. These dogs are sweet all the time, and they’re one of the most affectionate breeds around, though they’re seldom needy or pushy.


3. Pugs



Pugs have long been adored by many prominent figures, including royalty! Chinese emperors loved these little dogs, and they were even made the mascot of the royal House of Orange in Holland. Small but muscular, Pugs pack a lot of personality into their little bodies. They’re the kind of dogs that always want to be part of what their owner is doing. You’ll find that Pugs love to receive affection and dole it out in equal amounts.


4. Boxer



Sleek and muscular, Boxers are a highly athletic breed that comes as an entire package. They’re the 11th most popular breed in America, and there are many reasons for this. They’re known for their incredible loyalty and work ethic, and anyone who’s ever owned a Boxer knows that they’re one of the most loving, affectionate breeds you could ever meet.


5. Collie



Collies have been well-loved for many years. They have faces and expressions that scream of intelligence, and their long, flowing coats are as beautiful as any in the canine world. Part of why so many love these dogs so deeply is the breed’s fierce devotion to their owners. They’re one of the most loyal breeds around, and the bond they share with their owners is very deep, being shown in affectionate behavior and supreme loyalty.


6. Great Dane



Great Danes are the definition of gentle giants. These are some of the biggest dogs in the world, but they’re also the biggest sweethearts. Known for being as loving as they come, Great Danes are the dogs that don’t realize their size. Rather, they’re the world’s biggest lap dogs, always trying to curl up in a too-small lap.


7. Pomeranian


Long loved by royalty and currently one of the most popular breeds in America, Pomeranians are alert pooches with exceptional intelligence. They’re easily trained and make great pets, though they have an awful lot of personality stuffed into their toy-like bodies. These dogs are lovers of the first degree, and they never want to be away from their owners. When you see someone carrying a little pup in their purse, it’s often a tiny toy Pomeranian.


8. Shih Tzu



The Shih Tzu breed is known for its highly affectionate and outgoing personality. These playful pups make no bones about showing their love for their owners. They’re lap dogs through and through, and they love nothing more than cuddling up on the laps of their family members. Small in stature but large in personality, Shih Tzus have been called “lion dogs” for centuries!


9. Bulldogs



The sour face of a Bulldog might not look that inviting, but if you’ve ever seen an excited Bulldog, you know there are few things cuter in the world. These dogs are compact and muscular, with adorable faces surrounded by loose skin folds. They bond closely with family members, and they’re the type of breed that wants to be on top of you rather than beside you.


10. Shiba Inu



Shiba Inus have become incredibly popular recently as they exploded into stardom on social media sites like Instagram. They have adorable expressions and incredible personalities. Truthfully, Shiba Inus make great pets, but they’re a Japanese breed and they act differently than many Western breeds. These dogs are loyal and form strong bonds with their owners, but they don’t display their love by cuddling and being overly affectionate, which has come as a disappointment and surprise to many new Shiba Inu owners who thought their dogs didn’t like them!


Conclusion from

Dogs are just as diverse as people. Different dogs can display wildly diverse personalities and temperaments. Though there are differences among individuals within a breed, most members of any given breed still tend to display certain personality traits that can be associated with the breed. The 10 breeds on this list are known for exhibiting affectionate personalities, and giving and receiving love freely from their owner. If you’re a highly affectionate person who wants a dog too.