Why you should get pet insurance in 2023

Why you should get pet insurance in 2023

January 13, 2023

Whether you're planning to welcome a new pet into your home in the new year, or you're reviewing financial and health decisions for 2023, you might consider getting pet insurance.

As much fun and love that comes with being a pet parent, it can also be expensive and stressful. Fortunately, pet insurance can help ease some of that burden. Not only can you reduce the risk of facing large vet bills on your own, but you also can get covered for a wide range of care that you might not have otherwise sought out for your dog, cat, or sometimes other animals, depending on the pet insurance company.

If you think you could benefit from a pet insurance policy then start by getting a free online price quote so you know exactly what to expect. 

Why you should get pet insurance in 2023

Specifically, you might consider getting pet insurance or adjusting coverage to a better plan for your circumstances, because pet insurance often:

Helps save money

One of the top reasons to get pet insurance is to save money. In an ideal world, your furry friend wouldn't get sick or have accidents that require medical care. But unfortunately, that happens from time to time, and you might not be prepared to pay thousands of dollars worth of vet bills.

So, if you have pet insurance, you can get partially or fully reimbursed for many types of care. The specifics depend on the plan, but some common types of coverage include things like surgeries, emergency vet visits, laboratory tests, and more.

You can also potentially save money on things like preventative care with some plans, which often come as an add-on to a standard dog or cat insurance policy. For example, a pet insurance company might offer coverage that includes things like annual wellness exams and dental cleanings at a lower cost than if you purchased those on your own.

Spot Pet Insurance, for instance, offers a preventative care add-on for either $9.95 or $24.95 per month. The lower-priced plan covers up to $250 worth of combined preventative costs (e.g., up to $100 for dental cleaning and $20 for a fecal test), while the higher-priced plan covers up to $450 in costs (e.g., up to $150 for dental cleaning and $25 for a fecal test).

So, if you use the policy strategically, you can save money, as the annual benefits can outweigh the monthly costs.

Get a free online price quote from Spot now to see exactly how much it would cost. 

Provides peace of mind

Another great reason to get pet insurance is that it can provide peace of mind to pet parents.

Suppose your dog or cat gets cancer later in life, and you're faced with the difficult decision of whether to pay for care, which could be financially stressful. With pet insurance, however, if something is covered, then you might not worry as much, as you can go ahead with treatment without the financial or mental burden.

Or, if you have a mischievous dog or cat, you might be worried about them getting injured. While you certainly don't want them to have an accident, you might be a little less stressed if you know that you have coverage.

Encourages healthy habits

Having pet insurance can also encourage healthy habits in the sense that it could motivate pet parents to seek care. If you didn't have a preventative care plan, for example, you might not keep up with things like an annual wellness exam. Or, if you're worried about costs for diagnostic tests, you might skip or delay those.

Fetch by The Dodo, for example, doesn't currently offer a preventative care plan, but things like vet-recommended vitamins and supplements for injuries or illnesses are covered. So, if you know that cost is handled, you might be more inclined to go through with getting those vitamins and supplements.

The bottom line

Overall, pet insurance policies can help you financially and mentally while keeping your pet healthy. There are many different pet insurance policy types that you can explore to see which ones align with your budget and coverage needs.

Some people, for example, go with accident-only pet insurance due to lower costs, whereas others want accident and illness pet insurance or more comprehensive pet insurance that covers things like behavioral training. 

So, take some time to explore your options and see if there's a pet insurance plan that works well for your situation from both a financial and health perspective.