Aquarium Curved Glass RGB LED Fish Tank


Dynamic Curved Glass Aquarium Low Noise Freshwater Saltwater Fish Tank With Low Energy LED Aquarium Light

This Dynamic Power all in one Curved Glass aquarium will make a beautiful feature in your home or work place. It comes complete with everything you need to enjoy the pleasure of designing and maintaining your very own aquarium.

The fish tank is Curved Glass design for maximum display in any angle and it equipped with high quality features that both you and your fish will love. The convenient hinged hood allows plenty of rooms for easy access and maintenance. The Low noise, high energy water pump, low energy LED lighting for aquarium light to provide UV for plants and a complete filtration system.

The aquarium suits both freshwater and saltwater fish/water animals. The size will suit many places, including space limited apartments. Grab this amazing aquarium and add to your living room a touch of beauty and fun!

*Please note: Pet fish, plants, gravel not included.

  • Aquarium Curved Glass RGB LED Fish Tank
  • Capacity of 30L/52L All in One Curved Glass Aquarium Fish Tank
  • Curved Glass Design for Maximum Display in Any Angle
  • Convenient Hinged Hood Allows Plenty of Room for Easy Access and Maintenance
  • RGB LED Light for the Right Brightness and Environmentally Friendly Energy Consumption
  • Flow Water Pump with Water Filter with Very Quiet Compressor and Low
  • Vibration to Keep Your Environment Comfortable
  • Made from High Quality Materials in Order to Handle Continuous Operation and Extended Service Life
  • Comes with Complete Filtration on Top
  • Suits Both Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums
    Brand Dynamic Power Dynamic Power
    Aquarium Size 30L 52L
    Material Curved Glass(4mm) Curved Glass(4mm)
    Voltage 230V 230V
    Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
    LED Power Rate 5W 7W
    LED Colour RGB RGB
    LED Panel Size (LxWxH) 250 x 40 x 2mm 373 x 40 x 2mm
    Pump Power Rate 2.5W 8W
    Pump Water Flow Rate 350L/H 500L/H
    Tank Dimensions (LxWxH) 38 x 26 x 40cm 51 x 32 x 46cm
    Power Cable Length 1.5m 1.5m
    Weight 7Kg 10.5kg
    Package Contents
    • 1x 30L Starfire Glass Aquarium with LED Light, Pump and Filter
    • User's Manual
    • 1x 52L Starfire Glass Aquarium with LED Light, Pump and Filter
    • User's Manual

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