About us

Who are we?

Affectionpets is a small but cutting-edge company dedicated to pets (and their human parents).

When you love your pet you want the best for it, discover all the best products and accessories for your companion! You can keep it healthy while buying at the lowest price. In our shop you will find everything you need, such as food, collars, pesticides and toys to help it flourish.

At AffectionPets, we choose products that we give to our animals. Like you, we want to offer them a long and happy life, which is why we offer the best ranges and brands.

Our goal is to position Affectionpet.com as the online pet products supplier leader.

Trust our team of experts to help you stay ahead of the curve, and always be on the cutting edge of pets supplies .

Join our pet supplies revolution, we continuously challenge what is possible in your life and help bring awesomeness worldwide. Our vision and values are important to us as a Fair Business.