SMARTPAWBurpurr Automatic Premium Pet Feeder (Wifi Version)


Premium Pet Feeder (Wifi Version)

Looking for a pet feeder that can feed your precious pets while you're out of the house? Perhaps you want a pet feeder that can fill you in especially the early morning feeding time when you would love to catch some sleep instead? In that case, our latest SMARTPAWBurpurr Premium Pet Feeder (Wifi Version) is a MUST-HAVE for you! Schedule your pet's feeding time, anytime and anywhere, as long as you're connected to an internet connection! Not only can you schedule their feeding time in advance, but you can also measure how much they eat. Also perfect for small animals like puppies and kittens that require small feeds portions at a regular basis! 


Customize Your Own Feeding Schedule Anytime & Anywhere

Plan your feeding schedule and customize up to 15 feeding schedules and up to 50 portions per meal with our latest premium pet feeder (Wifi Version)!  Feed your precious pets remotely using  your mobile phone and you can even check their feeding records. It can also hold up to 6 Liters of food! We recommend feeding them with smooth dry food maximum up to 15mm in diameter. Please do take note that the feeder is not suitable for wet food, dry food only! Another additional feature is the built-in speaker which allows you to record a 10 seconds voice message that could be repeated every meal time to call your precious pets and feed them on time!


Auto Reversal + Low Food Alarm

No more worries about stucked food with our latest automatic reversal mechanism which will help you solve the problem of food getting stuck on the inside! Once the premium pet feeder (Wifi Version) detects that the food is stuck, it will immediately go to reverse to unstuck the food before rotating back to dispense your pet's food. Another amazing feature is the low food alarm! There is a built-in sensor to detect remaining food storage. When the remaining food storage is low, there will be a notification sent to the App to notify you when the feeder needs to be refilled!


Secondary Backup Power

Occasional blackouts is not a problem for premium pet feeder (Wifi Version) with its dual power feature! The feeder is powered with backup batteries which enables the feeder to still function even when a power cut occurs. It ensures the feeder still dispenses food according to the pre-scheduled programming so your precious pets won't miss their feeding schedule! Just simply insert a three sized D batteries into the battery compartment which can be found at the bottom of the feeder. However, we still recommended for you to use AC power to power up the pet feeder because without the ac power, you will not able to use the APP functions. This function is mostly just for emergency blackout situations!

Fuss-Free Cleaning & Safe Healthy Feeding

Cleaning is made easier and fuss-free as the feeder is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled making sure the feeder is cleaned thoroughly for safe and healthy feeding of your precious pets! Now the only places you need to wash are the feeding bucket and the food tray to prevent food residue. Clean easily without worrying about the safety of your pets!



  • Storage capacity for dry food 6L
  • Food diameter between 5mm - 15mm dry food
  • Support Android or IOS system
  • Programmable portion control, able to set 15 meals a day,
  • 1~50 portions adjustable per meal( 1 portion equals to 10g )
  • 1.8kg weight
  • 20cm (w) x 36cm (l) x 36cm (h) dimension(with food tray)

What is included

  • Pet Feeder x 1
  • Power Adapter x 1
  • Quick Start Guide x 1 


Premium - Wifi Version Pet Feeder Installation & FAQ


1. Download the TuyaSmart app 

Please download the mobile app at Apple APP Store and Google Play. You can search "Tuyasmart" to download it or click on the hyberlink > Apple APP Store < | > Google Play <

 2. Reset SmartpawBurpurr Premium Pet Feeder by pressing and holding the "SET button " for about 10 seconds till you hear a DING sound. You should see the green light on the panel fast blinking, which means pet feeder is ready for connection.

3. Make sure you are connected to 2.4ghz instead of 5ghz ( Understand that more and more pet customers are using mesh for example Google Mesh or Samsung Mesh which you are unable to select 2.4ghz. You can still pair it the feeder but might take slightly longer , if you are still unable to pair it please contact our support.

4. After connecting to 2.4ghz, off your mobile data and turn on Bluetooth and GPS location. This is only required during the first time installation. 

5. Use EZ mode to pair as shown in the video above, and follow the steps to pair. You should be able to pair pretty fast within a few minutes. 

To Share :

Simply use the same account user and password. You can change the password to a generic password so you can share it with your family members. 



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