Pet Carrier Extra Large

Got a dog or a cat who needs to fly? Make sure you’ve got a Pet One PP Pet Carrier – these carriers are made in Australia, and they’re approved by airlines for air travel.

These tough carriers have everything your pet needs for their big trip. There’s a food bowl and water funnel inside, as well as a sturdy door with a metal grille on the front. The only thing you need to do is remember your pet’s paw-sport!

  • Made in Australia from tough plastic with a metal grille on the front
  • Airline approved for pet transportation, but speak with your travel agent or directly to the airline about their policies
  • The two halves of the carrier can be separated for easy storage and cleaning
  • Inside the carrier is everything your pet needs for their trip, including a base tray, food bowl and a water funnel
  • Sturdy carry handle at the top
  • Please note: Pet One PP Pet Carriers have four anchor points so your pet's carrier can be secured with cable ties in transit. These aren't holes for screws, and screws aren't included with these carriers

Size: PP50 – Extra Large
Weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 82 x 56 x 60cm